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Faculty - ZHANG Kejia

  • ZHANG Kejia

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Municipal Engineering

    203 Water conservancy laboratory Yuquan Campus


Research Interest

Research on emerging contaminants such as taste & odour compounds, endocrine disruptors, pharmaceuticals and disinfection by-products in natural and engineered water systems. Analysis and control of algal metabolites in drinking water systems.


2008-2011 Ph.D. Tongji University (Municipal Engineering)
2006-2008 M. S. Tongji University (Municipal Engineering)
2002-2006 B. S. Chongqing University (Water and Drainage Engineering)

Professional Employment

2009.2-2009.6  Visiting Student   Taiwan Cheng Kung University (Environmental Engineering)
2014.8-2015.8  Visiting Scholar    Georgia Institute of Technology (Environmental Engineering)
2011-2013    Post D.  Zhejiang University (Municipal Engineering)
2013-present  Lecturer Zhejiang University (Municipal Engineering)

Selected Publication

1.        Zhang, Kejia, Luo, Zhang, Zhang, Tuqiao, Gao, Naiyun, Ma, Yan. Degradation effect of sulfa antibiotics by potassium ferrate combined with ultrasound (Fe(VI)-US), BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 2015, DOI:10.1155/2015/169215. (SCI)
2.        Lei Li, Chen Shao, Kejia Zhang (Corresponding author), et al. Arsenic Removal in Synthetic Ground Water Using Iron Electrolysis. Separation and Purification Technology, 2014, 122:225-230. (SCI)
3.        Zhang, Kejia, Lin, Tsair Fuh, et al. Characterization of typical taste and odor compounds formed by Microcystis aeruginosa. Journal of Environmental Science-China, 2013, 25:1539-1548. (SCI)
4.        Zhang, Kejia, Zhang, Tuqiao, et al. Beneficial utilization of rice husk ash (RHA) as a new sorbent for removal of antimony (III) from water. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2013, 22:715-722. (SCI)
5.        Mao, Minmin, Zhang, Kejia (Corresponding author), et al. Determination of Six Typical Taste and Odor Compounds Using Large Volume Concentration, Solid Phase Micro-extraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.Chinese journal of analytical chemistry, 2013, 41: 760-765. (SCI)
6.        Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, et al. Aqueous chlorination of algal odorants: Reaction kinetics and formation of disinfection by-products. Separation and Purification Technology, 2012, 92:93-99. (SCI)
7.        Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, et al. Degradation and formation of wood odorant β-cyclocitral during permanganate oxidation. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2011, 194: 362-368. (SCI)
8.        Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, et al. Granular activated carbon (GAC) adsorption of two algal odorants, dimethyl trisulfide and β-cyclocitral. Desalination, 2011, 266: 231-237. (SCI)
9.        Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, et al. Degradation of bisphenol-A using ultrasonic irradiation assisted by low-concentration hydrogen peroxide. Journal of Environmental Science-China, 2011, 23: 31-36. (SCI)
10.    Sun, Lili, Zhang, Kejia(Corresponding author), et al. Mechanism of fishy odor compounds metabolized by algae. Applied mechanics and materials,2014,535:355-359. (EI)
11.    Li, Cong, Guo, Shiwen, Zhang, Tuqiao, Yu, Jieze, Mao, Xinwei, Zhang, Kejia(Corresponding author).Chlorine decay and THMs formation models based onpilot-scale water distribution system.Journal of Central South University(Science and Technology), 2013, 44(12): 5160-5164. (EI)
12.    Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Shao, Yu, et al. Lysis of Microcystis aeruginosa with taste and odor compounds, 2013, 44(4): 1714-1718. (EI)
13.    Mao, Minmin, Zhang, Kejia (Corresponding author), et al. Research progress of typical taste and odor compounds produced by chlorination in drinking water. Applied mechanics and materials. Journal of Central South University(Science and Technology),2013,316-317:698-702. (EI)
14.    Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Li, Lei.Kinetics of oxidation of odorantβ-cyclocitralby potassium permanganate.Journal of Central South University(Science and Technology), 2011, 42(4): 1161-1166. (EI)
15.    Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Li, Lei, Ma, Yan. Kinetics and Influence Factors of Ultrasonic Degradation of Bisphenal A in Water. Journal of Tongji University(Nature Science), 2011, 39(11): 1652-1656. (EI
16.    Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Yin, Didi, Sui, Minghao. Study on Kinetics of Microcystin-LR Degradation by Ozonation.Journal of Tongji University(Nature Science),2009, 37(7): 919-924. (EI)
17.    Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Yin, Didi, Sui, Minghao, Li, Lei.Effect and influence of two representative microcystins degradation by ozonation in water.China Environmental Science, 2008,28(10): 877-882. (EI)
18.  Zhang, Kejia, Gao, Naiyun, Sui, Minghao, Lu, Ning. Review on Perchlorate Contamination in Drinking Water and Its Removal Technology.Sichuan Environment,2008,27(1):91-95.
19.    Gao, Naiyun, Zhang, Kejia. The Mechanism and Application of the Combination of Ultrasonic Irradiation and Ozone in Water Treatment.Water Purification Technology,2008,27(3):1-4.
20.    Li, Cong, Gao, Naiyun, Zhang, Kejia. Degradation of BPA in Aqueous Solution by Interaction of Photocatalytic Oxidationand Ferrate () Oxidation.Environmental Science, 2009,30(3):771-774.
21.    Li, Lei, Gao, Naiyun, Zhang, Kejia, Xu, Feifei. Comparison of O3-BAC Combination and Conventional Process on Removal of Pollutants for Treating Drinking Water. Journal of Tongji University(Nature Science),2010, 38(9): 1309-1318. (EI)
22.    Gao, Naiyun, Wang, Hao, Li, Lei, Zhang, Kejia. Characteristics of Intracellular and Extracellular Organic Components of Microcystic Aeruginosa and Their Byproducts Formation Potential During Chlorination. Journal of Tongji University(Nature Science), 2010, 38(9): 1314-1318. (EI)
23.    Li, Lei, Gao, Naiyun, Yin, Didi, Zhang, Kejia, Guo, Jianwei. Modified Kinetics Model of Degradation of MCLR by Advanced Oxidation Process.Environmental Science, 2009, 30(4): 1050-1054. 

Professional Memberships

Member of the IWA China young water professional national committee