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Faculty - Lihui Zhang

  • Lihui


    Institute of Transportation Engineering

    B815 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

In Progress
“Dynamic Second-Best Congestion Pricing Considering Environmental Externality”, Natural
Science Foundation of China (71401025).
(Principle Investigator)
“A Research on the Green Traffic Signal Control”, Humanities and Social Science Research
Project, Ministry of Education of China (11YJCZH242).
(Principle Investigator)
“Optimization of Signal Settings for Area Traffic Control”, Scientific Research Foundation
for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education of China.
(Principle Investigator)
“Intelligent Vehicle Routing and Location Optimization of Routing Infrastructures”,
Key Science and Technology Innovation Team of Zhejiang Province (2013TD09),
(Principle Investigator)
“Optimising Operations and Management of Multi-Modal Urban Transport Systems for
Environmental Improvement”, funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, UK.
(Project Secretary)
“The Impact of Congestion Pricing on Vehicle Emissions—A Research Based on the
Integration of Land Use and Transportation”, Humanities and Social Science Research
Project, Ministry of Education of China (12YJCZH309).
“Modeling Traffic Flows at Junctions for the Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem”,
Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China
“A Study on Dynamic Lane Function Assignment at Signalized Intersections”, National
Natural Science Foundation of China (51308092).
“Modeling Cost Optimization and Cost Allocation Problem for Express Delivery Alliance on
Inter-city Network based on Cooperative Game”, National Natural Science Foundation
of China (71201016).
“Optimization of Regional Express Delivery Network”, the Doctoral Fund from Liaoning
Province, China (20121015).
“Multi-Objective Optimization of Coordinated Vehicle and Traffic Signal System”,
National High Technology Research and Development Program of China.
“A Hybrid-Model for Coordination of Actuated Signals on Arterials”, the Fundamental
Research Funds for the Central Universities, Ministry of Education of China.
(DUT10RC(3)90). (Start-up Grant, Dalian University of Technology, Principle
“Development of Time-of-Day Modeling Procedures Using FSUTMS Powered by Cube
Voyager”, sponsored by Florida Department of Transportation (Contract BD-545 RPWO #65)
“Simulation-Based Robust Optimization for Signal Timing and Setting”, sponsored by
Center of Multimodal Solutions to Congestion Mitigation, University of Florida
(Project 2008-003).
“Improving Performance of Coordinated Signal Control Systems Using Signal and Loop
Data”, sponsored by California Department of Transportation (Task Order 6332).


Dr. Lihui Zhang received the B.Eng. degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2006, and the Ph.D. degree in transportation engineering from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, U.S., in 2010.

Professional Employment

He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Institute of Transportation Engineering, Zhejiang University. His research interests include transportation system modeling and optimization, traffic control and operations, traffic simulation, travel demand modeling. His work has been sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Education of China.

Selected Publication

Book Chapters
Zhang, L., Lawphongpanich, S.*, and Yin, Y. (2009) Chapter 14: An Active-Set Algorithm for Discrete Network Design Problems, in Transportation and Traffic Theory 2009: Golden Jubilee (Lam, William H.K., Wong, S.C. and Lo, Hong K. eds), Springer, pp 283-300.
Journal Papers
Liu, H., Zhang, L.*, Sun, J. and Wang, D. (2015) Optimize the Settings of Variable Speed Limit System to Improve the Performance of Freeway Traffic, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2015.2441373. (SCI)
Zhang, L.*, Yang, H., Wu, D. and Wang, D. (2014) Solving a Discrete Multimodal Transportation Network Design Problem, Transportation ResearchPart C, 49, 73–86. (SCI)
Zhang, L.*, and Lou, Y. (2014) Coordination of Semi-Actuated Signals on Arterials, Journal of Advanced Transportation, 49(2), 228–246. (SCI)
Sun, J.*, Chun, F., and Zhang, L. (2014) Urban Travel Behavior Analyses and Route Prediction Based on Floating Car Data, Transportation Letters, 6, 118–125. (SCI)
Zhang, L.*, Liu, H., and Sun, J. (2014) Comparison and Optimization of Cordon and Area Pricings for Managing Travel Demand, Transport, 29(3), 248–259.
Zhong, S.*, Zhang, L., and Bushell, M. (2013) Reliability-Based Marginal Cost Pricing Problem Case with Both Demand Uncertainty and Travelers’ Perception Errors, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2013, Article ID 695307. (SCI)
Zhang, L.*, and Sun, J. (2013) A Dual-Based Heuristic for Optimal Cordon Pricing Design,
Journal of Transportation Engineering, 139(11), 1105–1116. (SCI)
Cai, J., Liu, H., Zhang, L.*, and Zhong, W. (2013) The Optimal Unit Green Extension — Considering Different Demand Patterns, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 409-410 1357-1365. (EI)
Sun, J.*, Zhang, L., and Chen, F. (2013) Comparative Study on Simulation Performances of CORSIM and VISSIM for Urban Street Network, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 37, 18-29. (SCI)
Zhang, L., Yin, Y.*, and Chen, S. (2013) Robust Signal Timing Optimization with Environmental Concerns, Transportation ResearchPart C, 29, pp 55-71. (SCI)
Zhang, L.*, and Zhong, S. (2013) Directional Lane-Allocation Concerning Demand
Uncertainty, IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 7(4), 380–387. (SCI)
Sun, J.*, Zhang, L., Peng, C., Peng, Z., and Xu, M. (2012) CA-Based Urban Land Use
Prediction Model: A Case Study on Orange County, Florida, U.S., Journal of
Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 12(6), pp 63-67.
Lou, Y.*, and Zhang, L. (2011) Defending Transportation Networks against Random and Targeted Attacks, Transportation Research Record 2234, pp 31-40. (SCI)
Zhang, L., Yin, Y.*, and Lou, Y. (2010) Robust Signal Timing for Arterials under Day-to-Day Demand Variations, Transportation Research Record 2192, pp 156-166. (SCI)
Zhang, L., and Yin, Y.* (2008) Robust Synchronization of Actuated Signals on Arterials, Transportation Research Record 2080, pp 111-119. (SCI)
Conference proceedings
Zhang, L.*, Liu, H., Sun, J. and Wang, D. (2015) Variable Speed Limit Strategy to Improve the Safety and Environmental Impact of Freeway Traffic, Proceedings of the 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board DVD-Rom, Washington D.C., January 11–15.
Ni, X., Sun, J.* and Zhang, L. (2015) Study on Parking Variable Message Sign Display Problem: A Variant Release Strategy with Space Occupancy Indicator, Proceedings of the 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., January 11–15.
Zhong, S.*, Zhang, L., and Ge, Y. (2014) Optimal Road Pricing for Both Traffic Efficiency and Safety, Proceedings of the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, No.14–1081, Washington D.C., January 12–16.
Liu, H., Zhang, L.*, Wang, Z., and Ge, Y. (2013) Evaluating the Environmental Impact of
Freeway Facilities under Variable Speed Limit Control, Proceedings of the
1st International Conference on Public-Private Partnerships, ASCE. (EI, Accepted)

Zhang, L.* (2011) Directional Lane-Allocation in Urban Transportation Networks,

Proceeding of 11th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals, ASCE, pp 527-540. (ICCTP excellent paper award) (EI)

Technical Report
Yin, Y., Srinivasan, S., Komma, A. and Zhang, L. (2007) Development of Time-of-Day Modeling Procedures Using FSUTMS Powered by Cube Voyager, Report number: TRC-FDOT-59616-2007, Florida Department of Transportation.
Zhang, L., Yin, Y. and Washburn, S. (2009) Simulation-Based Robust Optimization for Signal Timing and Setting, CMS project number: 2008-003, University of Florida.
Yin, Y. and Zhang, L. (2009) Improving Performance of Coordinated Signal Control Systems Using Signal and Loop Data, Caltrans project 6332, California.