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Faculty - SUN Xiaoyan

  • SUN Xiaoyan

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Transportation Engineering

    B717 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus


Research Interest

Durability and life cycle performance assessment of RC bridges
Bridge maintenance management and optimization
Strengthening method for existing bridges
Intelligent materials and health monitoring for bridges

Primary Teaching Area

2011-2014          Leader of the sub-project
Key technology and theoretical analysis of the new FRP material to strengthen the bridge structure (project supported by Key Science and Technology Innovation Team of Zhejiang Province 2010R50034-17)
2007-2010           Leader of the project
Bridge maintenance optimization based on whole life reliability assessmentproject supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, Granted No. 2007AA04Z437);
2007-2010           Leader of the project
Strengthening the existing concrete bridge without interrupting the traffic (project supported by the Science Foundation of Zhejiang province-70K);
2008-2011           Leader of the project
Fatigue investigations on the existing concrete bridges considering the vehicle overload (project supported by the China Natural Science Foundation, Granted No. 50808158-200K).
2007-2008           Chief member of the project
Safety issues related to transport and storage of hydrogen fuels in northern climates (project supported by US Department of Transportation, Granted No. USDOT DTOS59-06-G-00048-$150K)


2001-2004   Ph.D.   Dalian University of Technology                                                                                               
1998-2001   M.S.  North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power
1994-1998   B.S.   North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power 

Professional Employment

2004-2006   Post-doc Fellow   Tsinghua University
2009-2010   Visiting Scholar   Stanford University
2012-2013   Visiting scholar   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Selected Publication

1.        Xiao-yan Sun, Jian-Guo Dai, Hai-long Wang  and  Chong Xu. Static and Fatigue Behavior of CFRP-Strengthened RC Bridge Girders Subjected to Vehicle Overloading[J].Advanced Steel Construction, an International Journal,2015,11 (3).
2.        Xiao-Yan SUN, Jian-Guo DAI, Hai-Long WANG, Wei-Wei DONG. And Jie WANG. Decision-support System for Optimizing the Maintenance of RC Girder Bridge Superstructures in Consideration of the Carbon Footprint[J].Journal of Bridge engineering, ASCE,2015, in press. 
3.        Hailong Wang Xiaoyan Sun*, Guangyu Peng, Yuejing Luo, Qiming Ying. Experimental Study on Bond Behaviour between BFRP Bar and Engineered Cementitious Composite[J]. Construction and Building Materials,2015 (95):448 -456.
4.        Xiao-yan Sun, Jin-yang Zheng , Dryver Huston , Quan Qin, Hailong Wang.  Experiment modal analysis and damage detection for automobile hydrogen on-board storage tank[J]. Journal of vibration, measurement and diagnosis, 2014(3). In Chinese.
5.        SUN Xiaoyan, ZHU Jianke, WANG Hailong, ZHANG Zhicheng. Experimental Investigation of Performance Degradation of Corroded Rebar Considering Pitting Feature [J]. Journal of Building Materials,2014,17(5).(EI) In Chinese.
6.        Wang HL, Wang JJ, Sun XY*, Jin WL. Improving the performance of RA concrete with superfine pozzolanic powders[J]. Journal of Central South University, 2013,20(12):3715-3722.
7.        SUN Xiao-yan, YAO Chen-chun, WANG Hai-long*, ZHANG Zhi-cheng. Parameter influencing analysis of wedge-type anchors for FRP tendons based on three-dimensional finite element model[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2013,42(1). In Chinese.
8.        SUN Xiao-yan, WANG Long-wei, WANG Hai-long, Zhang Zhi-cheng. Experimental confirmed Fatigue performance prediction model for reinforced concrete flexural girder strengthened with FRP sheets[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2013,42(1). In Chinese.
9.        SUN Xiaoyan, DONG Weiwei, WANG Hailong, He Shi-qin. Experimental Study on Long Term Performance of RC Bridge Girder reinforced with GFRP /BFRP Sheets Subjected to Erosion Environment[J]. China Journal of Highway and Transoport,2013 Vol. 26 (2).In Chinese.
10.    Sun Xiao-yan, Xu Chong, He Yong, Mao Jiang-hong,Zhang Hai-Yi. Experimental investigation on performance monitoring of damaged bridge members strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced polymer[J]. Journal of basic science and engineering,2012,20(3). In Chinese.
11.    SUN Xiao-yan, Xu Chong, WANG Hailong, CHU Ji-fang. Overloading Simulation Fatigue Experiment of Bridge Member With and Without CFRP Reinforcement[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science),2012,09. (EI) In Chinese.