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Faculty - Sheng Jin

  • Sheng

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Transportation Engineering

    B815 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

His current research interests include traffic flow theory, traffic control, transport safety, and intelligent transportation systems.

Primary Teaching Area

Dr. Jin’s current research interests include traffic flow theory (focused on advanced car following models, lane-changing models, heterogeneous bicycle traffic, and traffic flow fundamental diagram), traffic operation and control (focused on developing and evaluating operational strategies for optimal control of highway ramp and urban intersection), and transport safety (focused on the assessment and analysis of highway, roundabout, and bicycle lane). The projects is as follows:
1.        Application of Intelligent Urban Traffic Management, Control and Service Technology, funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, CNY 700,000, 2014-2016.
2.        Operating Evaluation for Intelligent Traffic Control, funded by Key Science and Technology Innovation Team of Zhejiang Province, CNY 200,000, 2014-2016.
3.        Visual Angle Driving Behavior Model, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), CNY 250,000, 2013-2015.
4.        Estimation of Travel Time in City Network using Video Data, funded by Zhejiang University, CNY 250,000, 2014-2015.


Dr. Sheng Jin received the Ph.D. degree in Transportation Engineering from Jilin University, Changchun, China, in 2010.

Professional Employment

He was also a visiting academic at NUS (2012.12-2013.3) and Griffith University (2014.8-2015.8). He is currently an assistant professor with the College of Civil Engineering and Architectures, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. His work has appeared in the Transportation Research part A, Transportmetrica, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Transportation Research Record, Physica A, and Physical Letter A, among others. Dr. Jin is an Associate Editor of IEEE ITSC.

Selected Publication

1.        S. Jin*, X. Qu, D. Zhou, C. Xu, D. Ma, D. Wang. Estimating cycleway capacity and bicycle equivalent unit for electric bicycles. Transportation Research Part A 77, 22-248, 2015.
2.        X. Qu, S. Jin, J. Weng. Analysis of the Relationship between Aggregated Traffic Volume and Traffic Conflicts on Expressways. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, 2015.
3.        X. Qu, Y. Kuan, E. Oh, S. Jin*. Safety Evaluation for Expressways: A Comparative Study for Macroscopic and Microscopic Indicators. Traffic Injury Prevention 2014, 15(1), 89-93.
4.        X. Qu, Y. Yang, Z. Liu, S. Jin*, J. Weng. Potential crash risks of expressway on-ramps and off-ramps: A case study in Beijing, China. Safety Science, 2014, 70, 58-62.
5.        D. Ma, X. Ma, S. Jin*, F. Sun, D. Wang. Estimation of major stream delays with a limited priority merge. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 2013, 40(12): 1227-1233.
6.        S. Jin, X. Qu, C. Xu, D. Wang. Dynamic characteristics of traffic flow with consideration of pedestrians' road-crossing behavior. Physica A, 2013, 392(18): 3881-3890.
7.        S. Jin, D. Wang, C. Xu, Z. Huang. Staggered car-following induced by lateral separation effects in traffic flow. Physics Letters A, 2012, 376(2): 153-157.
8.        S. Jin, X. Qu, D. Wang. Assessment of Expressway Traffic Safety Using Gaussian Mixture Model based on Time to Collision. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 2011, 4(6): 1122-1130.
9.        S. Jin, D. Wang, X. Yang. Non-lane-based car following model using visual angle information. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2011, 2249: 7-14.
10.    S. Jin, D. Wang, Z. Huang, P. Tao. Visual Angle Model for Car Following Theory. Physica A, 2011, 390(11): 1931-1940.


1.   Top Academic Paper in High Quality Scientific Journals of China (F5000), 2014
2.    ”Qiushi” Young Scholars, 2013
3.     Science and Technology Progress Award in Jilin province, 2009