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Fundamental research on sustainable landfill technology and control of geoenvironmental hazards of MSW landfills

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2016-02-04 Hits: 428

    The annual urban solid waste in China, which is mainly domestic waste, reaches 240 million tons, ranking the first in the world. Landfill accounts for 90.5 % of the total disposal of urban solid waste in China. The landfill site in China is as high as 100 meters with a capacity of tens of millions of cubic meters. Aiming at the characteristics like the high organic matter and water content of urban solid waste, the intense biochemical degradation etc., this project establishes the landfill degradation - seepage - compression coupling function model, puts forward the evaluation method of leachate yield and landfill gas collection rate of landfill site, finds the three modes of occurrence of leachate unique to high-organic solid waste landfill site in China and reveals the mechanism of inducing three disasters in landfill site. The project also develops landfill gas production and transportation technology based on liquid-gas separation, anti-fouling barrier technology based on life-long service and landfill stability control and capacity-increasing technology, solving the key problems of three major disasters control and resource utilization in China's landfill.