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Extracurricular Life in CCEA is so colorful!Various activities are waiting for you!
If you are a sports fan, there are such kinds of clubs, like basketball, volleyball, football, dragon boat and fitness clubs.  These clubs provide you a platform to exercise and have fun with friends of the same interests. 
Well, if you don't favor sports that much, we have seminars and forums of many themes, for example, travel, books, photographing, innovation, etc.   
If you like to meet with new people, you must love here,since we oragnise parties with other colleges at regular intervals. There you can get to know students of other subjects and may even encounter your beloved sweetheart! 
If you love photographing, writing, designing, Zhuren Magazine Agency of CCEA always welcomes your works and partnership!  You may have the opportunity to witness the publication of your works and the birth of such a fabulous magazine.
If you love technology innovation, the Technology Innovation Center of CCEA opens for your participation and exploration while the PHD Advisory Group of CCEA would always like to lend you a hand.
If you are eager for knowledge, we have reference rooms of related subjects, including civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, architecture, urban and regional planning. These reference rooms enjoy books of fine collection and various categories and endows with quiet environment for your self-study.
Students of CCEA are energetic, enthusiastic and warmhearted. They are ready to offer help when you are in a need. Professors and all the staff members work together to create the best learning and living environment for all the students. Anzhong Building, the official building of CCEA, is one of the most magnificent buildings of Zijingang Campus, ZJU. Its brick-red external wall, firm and resolute, just as every CCEAer.
Besides, we hold competitions and exhibitions of various subjects, whether professional or non-professional. Join us, you life in ZJU would be undoubtedly brilliant!