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CEEA is widely acknowledged to be a national leader. CEEA’s civil engineering has been ranked in the top 5 for many years in the country.

CCEA focuses on developing future leaders for the engineering profession, for academia, and for applying new methods and techniques in the broader societal context. CCEA conducts cutting-edge research, defining what constitutes the evolving domain of civil and architectural engineering. This research develops theory and understanding as well as tools and techniques for professional practice and for solving societal problems.

CEEA offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree in the following programs and areas:

·Civil Engineering:

oGeotechnical Engineering

oStructural Engineering

oMunicipal Engineering

oHeating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

oDisaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

oBridge and Tunnel Engineering

oHighway and Transportation Engineering

·Hydraulic Engineering

oHydrology and Water Resources

oHydraulics and River Dynamics

oHydraulic Structure Engineering

oHydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering

·Architecture (only Ph.D)

·Urban and Rural Planning

·Management Science and Engineering

oEngineering Management

Besides, CEEA offers some professional degrees as below:

·Master of Engineering

oArchitectural and Civil Engineering

oHydraulic Engineering

oCommunication and Transportation Engineering

·Master of Architecture

·Master of Urban Planning

·Master of Engineering Management