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The College of Civil Engineering and Architecture exercises the dean responsibility system, and respective deputy deans carry out specific management tasks according to work division. The CPC Committee of the College plays an assurance and supervision function. The important issues of the College related to teaching, scientific research, personnel, finance, and disciplinary construction, etc are decided through deliberations at the College’s Party and Administration Joint Meeting.

Respective departments are responsible for the work on teaching of undergraduate courses. Respective institutes are responsible for scientific research, training of graduate students, and disciplinary construction, and undertake the undergraduate course teaching tasks assigned by respective departments.

College Administration




Yaozhi Luo

Deputy Deans                                                                   

Jian Ge

Chaofeng Lv

Bin Zhu


Dansheng Dong


College CPC Committee


Wengang Guo


Deputy Secretaries

Huijun Fu



Wei Zhang