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Student Youth  League Committee nnected


Regulate internal working management of  Youth League Committee, enhance cadres’ sense of responsibility and cohesive  force, centripetal force and battle effectiveness of Youth League Committee, and  thus serve all schoolmates of this college in word and deed.


Organizational Structure

General Office: As  a majordomo of daily affairs, the office makes comprehensive arrangements,  realizes overall planning of Youth League Committee activities and reasonable  distribution of materials, and serves as a communication bridge between students  and teachers, as well as a stable hinge of all students’ departments. By  cultivating internally and externally, the office guarantees efficient and  orderly implementation of all works of Youth League Committee.

 Organization  Department: as a leader, organize and carry out all kinds of Youth League  Committee activities, such as “Student Guidance Team” and “Cadre Training”;  being down-to-earth, undertake basic work of construction of Student Youth  League Committee, take charge of organization, construction and management of  all Youth League branches and thus ensure that Youth League Committee has strong  vitality and cohesive force.

 Publicity  Department: this passionate and creative team covers all activities in an  all-round way from unique aspect, and records brilliant on-going activities in a  diversified way. Poster, photo, press release, video and electronic book...From  being inexperienced to being accomplished, we are doing our best to build every  excellent activity of Youth League Committee!

 Social Practise and  Young Volunteer Service Center: the spirit of devotion is exhibited by the whole  process from issuing recruitment advertisements to launching all kinds of  volunteer activities, such as “West Lake Volunteer” and “Holiday Volunteer” and  so on, both in the campus and in Hangzhou City.

 Youth Quality  Development Guidance Center: just and precise supervision team provides the best  service for every student’s application for quality development programs and  certification of the second classroom score; carry out all kinds of quality  development activities actively, such as “Walking into Famous Enterprises” and  “Outdoor Quality Development” etc., so as to realize elite-oriented training  inside the Youth League Committee.

Characteristic  Activities

Walking into Famous  Enterprises: Face to face communicate with HR, get to know real estate systems,  experience occupational life, and taste the manner of famous  enterprises.

 Cadre Training:  Attend famous teachers’ lectures, make multilateral exchanges, visit campuses  and look back on the history; combine theory with practice, and integrate  individuals into the collective.

 Student Guidance  Team: Link with party members’ education, combine systematic activities with  practice, and promote rising stars with advanced strength. Lecture reports,  quality development, survey and speech summary—these four activities are all  splendid.

 Month of  Construction of Good Style of Study: Study models set a good example for you,  while model dormitories show their charms to you.

 West Lake  Volunteer: Clean roads, guide traffic and lead passersby in Hangzhou and beside  West Lake…purify the gorgeous lake with our hands and greet global guests with  our smile.

 Lecturers for  Migrant Workers: They use sweat to make this city grow higher and higher, and we  use knowledge to enrich their life, including construction technique, medical  care and health, legal knowledge…Every love that we’ve sent will become their  precious fortune.

 Outdoor Quality  Development: Physical ability, intelligence, thought and speed; during trust  fall and big feet programs, we challenge ourselves, inspire all potentials, work  with each other to win-win and build an elite team.


Students'  Union


Strictly conform to  the four principles of self-management, self-service, self-education and  self-restraint, and serve students with heart and soul.

Organizational Structure

Department of Daily  Affairs: including human resources management, capital management and office  works, is to realize centralized management of capital and resources of the  entire Students’ Union, coordinate work among departments, evaluate and enhance  Students’ Union members’ working capabilities and so on. This is a key  department to ensure normal operation and development of Students’  Union.

 Physical Education  Department: is the most leading edge of Students’ Union activities. Here, you  can understand activity organizers’ thought of growth. Here, you can enjoy  passion of sports. Here, you can make the best fr  among departments, evaluate and enhance  Students’ Union members’ working capabilities and so on. This is a key  department to ensure normal operation and development of Students’  Union.

 Physical Education  Department: is the most leading edge of Students&rsq iends. Here, women are no  inferior to men and men live up to their good body.

 Publicity  Department: as the first window to Students' Union, its colorful prophase  publicity shows the miens of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture and  students. We design florid posters with creative ideas, make eye-catching  banners with punch lines and establish fancy exhibition boards with meticulous  design. Here, we own a group of intimate fellows full of creative enthusiasm and  working zest; here, we own opportunities to show excellent ideas and exhibit  personal colors.

 Academic  Department: this department is lively and prolific under its cover of dull  academy. High efficiency and execution are our styles, while liveliness and  creation are our goal. We have undertaken and jointly organized a series of  large academic activities, such as Structure Contest, Hunting for Creative Ideas  for Structure Contest, debates, exchange meeting with elder alumnus, buffet for  schoolfellows paying a return visit, as well as Yangtze River Delta Architecture  Forum and so on.

 Department of  Literature and Art: is a big family filled with happiness, creation and  enthusiasm. Among wantonly fluttering ideas, all classic literature and art  activities have born in the history of College of Civil Engineering and  Architecture, including Schoolgirls’ Festival, Schoolboys’ Festival, dancing  parties and new year galas…

 Department of Media  Promotion: as the portal, it promotes Students' Union of College of Civil  Engineering and Architecture to the whole school! Every accurate news, every  florid videos, every wonderful electronic exhibition and every cozy event of  College of Civil Engineering and Architecture are passed to every corner of the  whole school by us! We are Department of Media Promotion, which is efficient but  not stifling, substantial but not mussy or impetuous.

 Department of  Liaison with College Alumnus: this newly-established department is responsible  to build a close connection between alumnus of this college and students of this  college on campus. Here will be filled with vigorous exchanges and opportunities  of communication. Here will become a home to care about all people of College of  Civil Engineering and Architecture, and serve as a common communication platform  for alumnus of this college in the past eighty years.


Characteristic  Activities

New  Year Gala: Thanks to rich and innovative styles, oriented to all students that  care about College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, New Year Gala has  become a bright scene of the school at the end of every year.

 Schoolboys’  Festival: For one week, hold small-scale activities and lectures, organize  classes to take part in activities recommended by Schoolboys’ Festival, and thus  celebrate this unique Schoolboys’ Festival of College of Civil Engineering and  Architecture.

 Women’s Yoga and  Self-defense Technique: create very good conditions for girls who don’t take  exercise often, in order to give them better bodybuilding knowledge and bring  them warmth in winter.

 Series Activity of  Appointment with College of Civil Engineering and Architecture: invite teachers  on campus and successful persons to give lectures, exchanges and symposiums  about career planning and academic communications, so that students can acquire  broader information and knowledge in an easy way.

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Psychological  Counseling Association of College of Civil Engineering and  Architecture


Care about college  students; psychological health problem; enhance psychological committee members;  quality of psychological counseling; work with psychological health educational  department of this college and school to do a good job in students; psychological guidance. 


Organizational Structure

Member Assembly: As  the supreme authority organ of this Society, Member Assembly is responsible to  elect and dismiss president, vice-president, specialized responsible persons and  accountants; to examine planning reports of planning team and financial report  of the accountant.

President: in  overall charge of daily affairs of the Society, organize and hold Society  meetings, store and process students’ psychological documents and  archives.

Planning Team  consists of the president and two vice-presidents and it is in charge of  collecting members’ opinions, planning and organizing every activity of this  Society, and managing external relations and communications of this  Society.

Execution and  Liaison Department: this department consists of responsible persons of every  specialty according to student number of every specialty, which is specifically  set as follows. One responsible person is set in every grade of civil  engineering, and one responsible person is set in every specialty of water  resources, urban planning and architecture, so there are five responsible  persons in total. The Head of Execution and Liaison Department leads its members  to take charge of liaison with persons inside the Society and detailed tasks of  Society activities, such as arrangement of assembly room or sourcing outside the  school and so on.

Accountant: there  is one accountant in charge of financial and accounting records of this Society.