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Our College CCEA is located in Anzhong Building and Crescent Building on Zijingang Campus. The Department of Civil Engineering, our predecessor, was founded in 1927 as one of the earliest established engineering disciplines in Zhejiang University. In 1958, we established architecture major in the Department of Civil Engineering, and after 29 years, the major developed into the Department of Architecture in 1987. In 1990, our Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture and Architectural Design Institute jointly established the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In 1998, the four universities merged and in 1999 the school incorporated the Regional and Urban Planning Department of Hangzhou University (formerly known as the Regional and Urban Science Department established in 1989), to further improve the disciplinary system of CCEA. In 2001, the Hydraulic Structure and Water Environment Research Institute of CCEA and the Department of Marine Science and Engineering of the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences merged to form the Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, which was renamed the Department of Hydraulic Engineering in 2010.


College of Civil Engineering and Architecture is composed of Civil Engineering Department, Architecture Department, Regional and Urban Planning Department, and Hydraulic Engineering Department as well as 17 research institutes (centers). We have doctoral programs in four first-level subjects; a master's degree program in one first-level subject, six programs of professional master degrees. We have a postdoctoral station in civil engineering and hydraulic engineering.

The College employs a faculty of 301 people, including 4 academicians, 69 professors (or research fellows), and 121 associate professors (or associate research fellows, etc.); 65 of the teachers are eligible to enroll PhD candidates, and 118 of the teachers are eligible to enroll postgraduate students; now 48 people are engaged in post-doctoral research here.