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Boundary layer wind tunnel test platform

Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2016-03-24 Hits: 735


Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel test platform consists of an atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel in medium scale(ZD-1 wind tunnel) and matched device, the measurement and control system as well as precise instruments. The atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel is a Closed Vertical-Circuit Tunnel. Comparing with other types of wind tunnel, this type of wind tunnel has better uniformity of wind flow than Open-Circuit Tunnels and Closed Horizontal-Circuit Tunnels.
The aerodynamic dimensions of the ZD-1 Tunnel are 8m(W)×18m(H)×50.58m(L) and the dimensions of the test section are 4m(W)×3m(H)×18m(L). The maximum test speed can reach to 55m/s. The pressure acquisition system consists of DSM3400 temperature compensated electronic pressure scanners of Scanivalve Corp. Two 6-component force balances are specially designed for wind tunnel models and manufactured by ME-Meßsysteme GmbH of Germany. An adjustable multi-purpose turbulence generator system is designed to effectively form turbulence boundary layers for various terrain conditions.
The wind tunnel facility is capable to conduct various studies on wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics, including simulation of atmospheric boundary layer of complex terrain, instantaneous pressure studies for buildings and structures, high-frequency force balance studies, full aeroelastic model studies, pedestrian lever wind environment studies, ventilation studies, wind energy studies, and sports aerodynamic studies, etc.