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The large structural loading experimental platform

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2016-05-23 Hits: 390



The large structural loading experimental platform mainly consists of the Loading System for Large Joint of the Space Structure in all directions (LSLJSS) and the Mechanical Testing System (MTS). The static, dynamic and seismic test of large size can be performed based on LSLJSS and MTS. The research directions include earthquake engineering, structural engineering and so on.The technical specifications of the LSLJSS are as following: (1) One main fixed actuator(Maximum compress:12000kN; Maximum tension:8000kN); (2)two flexible actuators(Maximum compress:6000kN; Maximum tension:4000kN); (3) Effective volume of space is 2.0m×1.5m×1.5m.
 The technical specifications of the MTS are as following: (1) One reciprocating actuator(Maximum compressive loading:1460kN; Maximum tension:960kN); (2)two reciprocating actuators(Maximum compressive loading: 649kN; Maximum tension:445kN); (3) One fatigue actuator(Maximum compressive load:250kN; Maximum tension:250kN).