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Faculty - WANG Hailong

  • WANG Hailong

    Associate Professor 

    Institute of Structural Engineering

    A613 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus


Research Interest

Durability and Life Cycle Performance of RC structures
High Performance Materials and Structures
Composites (such as FRP and ECC) for Construction and New Structures
Strengthening Method for RC structures
Intelligent Materials and Structures
NSFC Corrosion-resisting steel reinforced concrete structure and its service performance evolution in the marine environment
NSFC  Fatigue durability of RC structures under combined effect of environment and cyclic loading
NSFC  Damage and permeability evolutions of concrete under sustained external loads
NSFC  Effect of environmental water on the cracking and failure mechanism of concrete(Leader)
NSFC  Fundamental study on durability of concrete structures based on Life-cycle performance (Leader of the sub-project)
SFZJ   Strengthening RC structures using high-performance composites
CMC   Durability assessment and strengthening of existing concrete bridge (Leader)
NSFZJ  Effect of ITZ on the fracture and durable properties of recycled aggregate concrete (Leader)
EDZJ   Performance of reinforced concrete structures corroded by stray current (Leader)
NHTRDP ("863")  Similarity methods on the durability of concrete bridges (Chief member)
STDZJ   Concrete durability research on Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Chief member)


Ph.D.            Tsinghua University  
Post-doc          Zhejiang University
Visiting scholar    Queen’s University of Belfast
Visiting scholar    University of California Berkeley
Visiting scholar    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Associate Prof.     Zhejiang University

Selected Publication


1.    WL Jin, YS Yuan, Jun Wei and Hailong Wang. Theory and design on the durability of concrete structures. Science press of China, 2011.
Refereed Journal Articles:
1.    Experimental study on bond behaviour between BFRP bar and engineered cementitious composite. Construction and Building Materials, 95 (2015) 448–456. HL Wang, XY Sun, GY Peng, YJ Luo, QM Ying.
2.    Static and Fatigue Behavior of CFRP-Strengthened RC Bridge Girders Subjected to Vehicle Overloading,Advanced Steel Construction, an International, 2015, 3, Xiao-yan Sun,Jian-Guo Dai,Hai-long Wang(*),Chong Xu
3.    Decision-support System for Optimizing the Maintenance of RC Girder Bridge Superstructures in Consideration of the Carbon Footprint,Journal of Bridge engineering. 2015,6, Xiao-Yan SUN,Jian-Guo DAI,Hai-Long WANG(*),Wei-Wei DONG
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7.    Experiment and calculation of crack width of reinforced concrete beams with 500MPa steel bars. China Civil Engineering Journal, 2011,3: 16-22. W Jin, CH LU, Hailong Wang.
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14.Fracture model for protective layer cracking of reinforced concrete structures due to rebar corrosion. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2008, 39: 863-869. Hailong Wang, Weiliang Jin, Xiaoyan Sun.
15.Mesomechanism of tensile strength reduction and tensile constitutive model of saturated concrete. Journal of Basic Science and Engineering, 2008, 16(1):65-72. Hailong Wang, Qingbin Li, Xiaoyan Sun, Weiliang Jin.
16.Experimental investigation of bridge members on flexural performance under overloading. Journal of Zhejiang University, 2008,42: 152-163. Xiao-yan Sun, Hailong Wang.
17.Numerical Simulation and Performance Analysis of Concrete Based on Material Mesostructures. Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering. 2008, 25(4): 19-22. Weiliang Jin, Bo Xu, Hailong Wang.
18.Prediction of elastic modulus and Poisson’s ratio for unsaturated concrete. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2007, 44:1370-1379. Hailong Wang, Qingbin Li.
19.Experiments on saturated concrete under different splitting tensile rates and mechanism on strength change. Engineering Mechanics, 2007, 24(2): 105-109. Hailong Wang, Qinbin Li.
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22.Micro mechanism of static and dynamic strengths for saturated concrete. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2006,37:958-968. Hailong Wang, Qingbin Li.
23.Test on flexural performance of RC Bridge Member after overload reinforced with externally bonded FRP. China Journal of Highway and Transport, 2006,19(4). SUN Xiao-yan, HUANG Cheng-kui, Wang Hailong.
Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings:
1.    Hailong Wang, WL Jin, PAM Basheer, B Xu. A Numerical Method for Investigating the Influence of ITZ on Chloride Diffusivity and Mechanical Properties of Concrete. Construction and Building Materials, 2010
2.    Hailong Wang, WL Jin, XY Sun, QB Li. Damage-Fracture Coupling Analysis of Mode I Crack in the Concrete under High Rate of Loading. 7th international conference on fracture mechanics of concrete and concrete structures, 2010.
3.    Hailong Wang, XY Sun, JJ Zheng. Durability rehabilitation of a reinforced concrete bridge damaged by corrosion and overload,International conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management,2010.
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8.    X SUN, Hailong Wang, C Huang. Reliability Analysis of Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridges for Serviceability Limit State of maximum crack width. HMSME. Oct. 2007. 


Second Prize of science and technology awards of China

Highest award of science and technology awards of China Highway & Transportation Society
Second Prize of science and technology awards of China Education Ministry

Professional Memberships

Member of Building Materials Society of China

Member of Building Materials Test Technical Committee of China
Member of Concrete Quality Committee of China