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Faculty - WEI Juanfang

  • WEI Juanfang


    Institute of Spatial Structure

    A727 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

Lager Deployable Satellite Antenna Design

New Deployable Structure and Mechanism Concept
Structure Analysis and Multibody Dynamic Animation
Composite Material and Composite Structure
Large aperture antennas are required by many modern satellitessuch as mobile communication satellite, earth observation satellite and deep space exploring satellite, etc. Wei and her students aim to design the structures of deployable satellite antenna that have significant engineering application. Researches include reflector, deploying and locking mechanism, composite material structure and its fabrication process. As the composite material and computational capabilities changes drastically, the following examples illustrate the promise of future growth in satellite antenna.

Light reflector with various types, such as spring-back reflector, membrane micro-strip antenna, or any other new type of reflector. 

New deploying mechanism and locking mechanism with high accuracy. This technology will make communication satellite work in high frequency range.

Large deployable antenna structure design.  Satellite antenna with aperture greater than 20 meters is a great challenge to the world.

Co-vibration structure and coupling structure identification. Both aerospace structure and architecture building in this type will face the possibility of damaging during the vibration test or earthquake.


Ph.D. Structure Engineering    Zhejiang University, China               2002

M.S. Solid Mechanics              Xi’an Jiaotong University, China       1988

B.S. Engineering Mechanics   Xi’an Jiaotong University, China       1985

Professional Employment

1988.06 – 2014.05  Structure Analysis  Xian Institute of Space Radio Technology

1990 – 1995       Engineer
1995  2002       Senior Engineer
1997 – 2004       Deputy director of Structure Design Department
Since 2002        Professor
Since 2004        Ph.D. Student Director
1995.02-1995.07 Engineer          SPAR Aerospace Ltd, Montreal, Canada
2013.01-2014.01 Visiting Researcher  National Wind Energy Center, University of Houston, U.S.A

2015.06-present  Professor/ Ph.D. Student Director   Space Structure Center, Zhejiang University, China


Selected Publication

A. Peer-reviewed Journal Papers

1.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2011). Orth-coupling Vibration Response Experiment of High-Thin Symmetrical Structure. Chin J Applied Mechanics. 28(6).
2.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2011). A Method of Improving the Accuracy of Nonlinear Response analysis for thin Plate, Chin J Journal of Projectiles, Rockets, Missiles and Guidance. 31(6).
3.    Liang YH, Wei JF (2011). Failure Mode Analysis for Honeycomb Panel Inserts under Shear Load, Chin J Fiber Reinforced Plastics Composites.4.
4.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2010). The Effect Analysis of Base Structure Character of Satellite Antenna to Its Vibration Response. Chin J Space Electronic Technology .8(3).
5.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2010). Mode Coupling and Nonlinear Dynamics Response Experiment of Thin Plate and Beam Assembly. Chin J Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering, 29(3).
6.    Hua Y, Wei JF (2009). A Nonlinear Compatible Equation for Wrinkling Analysis of Thin Membrane. Chin J Space Electronic Technology. 4.
7.    Wei JF, Liang XH, Fan NK, Wang Y (2007). Structure Panel Design of a Satellite Micro-strip Phase-control Antenna. Chin J Space Electronic Technology. 2.
8.    Wei JF, Ji YZ, Gong BA (2007). Mechanical Property Testing of Satellite Composite Material Antenna. Chin J Aerospace Materials & Technology. 5.
9.    Wei JF (2006). Zero-Gravity Environment Simulation Equipment for Satellite Antenna Deploying. Chin J Space Electronic Technology. 1.
10.Wang H, Wei JF, Xiong ZF (2004). Dynamic Analysis of Satellite Laser Communication Telescope. Chin J Space Electronic Technology. 2.
11.Wei JF, Guan FL, Zhao RJ, Wang FB, Tao XX(2002). Thermal Distortion Analysis and Test of Space Micro-strip Array Antenna. Chinese Space Science and Technology. 6.
12.Wei JF, Guan FL, Zhou LP, Wang Y, Liu TL(2002).Design and Analysis of Deployable Parabolic Truss-mesh Reflector. Chinese Space Science and Technology. 5.
B. Conference Papers
1.    Wei JF, Wan Y, He JH (2011). Filtration of Copper Line Material for Satellite Helix Antenna. Chin C National Antenna Annual Conference.
2.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2009), Membrane Effect Analysis and Response Experiment of Thin Plate on Satellite Antenna. The 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. 1. (ISTP Accession)
3.    Wei JF, Ma XF, Gao B, Fang YG (2007), Satellite Antenna Structure Co-Vibration Response Analysis. 58th International Astronautical Congress. (Ei :20084511681629).
4.    Ma XF, Wei JF (2007). Dynamic Response Analysis of Clearance on Gear Mechanism. 58th International Astronautical Congress. (Ei:20084511681631)
5.    Wei JF, Fan NK, Fang YG, Feng XX(2007). RF Panel Structure Optimum Design of Satellite Micro-strip Phase-control Antenna. Chin CNational Antenna Annual Conference.
6.    Wei JF, Xiao Y, Ji YZ(2007). Micro crack study of Kevlar/Epoxy material in extreme cold environment. Chin C The First Space Material and Application Technology and Academy Conference.
7.    Wei JF, Song YP, Fan NK, Wang BS(2006). The Verification Test of Thermal Distortion Decoupling Design for Single Panel of Micro-Strip Array Antenna. The first International Symposium and Control in Aerospace and Astronautics (Ei: 20064610244482).
8.    Wei JF, Song YP, Gao B(2005). Space Composite Antenna Bulking Failure-mode Analysis and Test. 56th International Astronautical Congress.
9.    Wei JF, Fan NK, Shao ZS (2004). The Mechanical Character Design and Manufacture Process Control of Satellite Composite Antenna. Chinese International Astronautics Conference.
10.Wei JF, Xiong ZF, Guan FL, Li XC(2001). Dynamic Interaction Analysis between Large Antenna Pointing Control System and Satellite Attitude Control System. 52nd International Astronautical Congress.


Shannxi National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award    First Prize        2012

Shannxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award           Third Prize       2011
National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award            First Prize       2007
China University of Science and Technology Progress Award          Second Prize     2001
Aerospace and Ministerial-level Award                           Second Prize      1997
Aerospace and Ministerial-level Award                           Third Prize       1997

Professional Memberships

1999  2014   Committee Member of Science and Technology Commission of Xian Institute of Space Radio Technology

2001 – Present   Member of Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA)
2006 – Present   Editorial BoardChinese Journal of Space Electronic Technology