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Faculty - LI Cong

  • LI Cong

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Municipal Engineering

    201 Water Conservancy Laboratory, Yuquan Campus


Research Interest

Projects Foundation
1.      Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education of China (No. 20110101120033)
2.      The Foundation of Key Laboratory of Yangtze River Water Environment, Ministry of Education (Tongji University) (No. YRWEF 201104)
3.      Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province (Y12E080085, Y15E080016).
4.      National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51208455, 5157080749)
5.      National Major Program on Pollution Control and Management of Water Body (Grant No. 2012ZX07403-003).


Feb. 2007-Aug. 2009       
- Postdoc in Tongji University
- Shanghai, China
- Micropollutants removal from water
Jan., 2003-Dec., 2006            
- Hong Kong Polytechnic University
- PhD in environment engineering
- Thesis Topic: “Mechanisms and Performance of Potassium Ferrate in Endocrine Disrupting Compounds”
Sept., 1999-March, 2002             
- Tongji University
- Master degree in Water and Wastewater Engineering
- Research focus coagulation process in water treatment
Sept., 1992-July, 1996       
- Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

- Bachelor (Water and Wastewater Engineering)

Professional Employment

2015.8-now,   academic visitor, Georgia institute of technology, USA
2009.12-now,   municipal engineering institute, Zhejiang University                     
2006.12-2009.12   environment expert, Unilever China

Selected Publication

1.      Li C., Li X.Z., Graham N., 2005. A study of the preparation and reactivity of potassium ferrate. Chemosphere 61, 537-543. (SCI,47 indexed
2.      Li C., Li X.Z., 2007. Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Aqueous Solution by Interaction of Photo catalytic Oxidation and Ferrate (VI) Oxidation. Water Sci. Technol. Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability.55 (1-2), 217-223. (EI, Engineering village)
3.      Li Cong, Li X.Z., N. Graham, Gao N.Y., 2008. The Aqueous Degradation of Bisphenol A and Steroid Estrogens by Ferrate.Water Research. 42(1-2), 109-120. (SCI, 32 indexed).
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Patents granted:
1.      A fast Preparation method of potassium ferrate, ZL 2011 1 0097716.4 (granted)
2. A  biofilm sampler of water distribution system, ZL 2011 1 0130702(granted)
3. A  Water quality simulation test system with stationary pipe section,     ZL 2011 1 0130947.0(granted)
4. A  fast method for determining the chlorine demand in water, 201210198106.8
5.      A  removal method of Sb(IIII) in the water, Zl 2011 1 0150251.4(granted)
6.      A fast method for determining  the number of the  microcystis cell, 201210173713.9
7.      Water quality simulation test system of a circulation pipe networks, 201110131393.6
8.      Water quality simulation test system of a dual-water supply circulation networks, 201110131238.4

Professional Memberships

Desalination (2 articles reviewed)
Clean-Soil Air Water (2 articles reviewed)
Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy (1 article reviewed)
Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology (2 articles reviewed)
African Journal of Biotechnology (3 articles reviewed)
Chemosphere (2 articles reviewed)
Water research(2 articles reviewed)
Chemical engineering Journal( 3 articles reviewed)
Journal of Environment Science (10 articles reviewed)
IWA member