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Faculty - FAN Lifeng

  • FAN Lifeng

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Disaster Prevention

    B832 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus


Research Interest

Dynamic Rock Mechanics, Numerical Simulation, Wave Propagation.


Ph.D. (2012) Civil Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
M. Eng. (2006) Solid Mechanics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
B. Eng. (2003) Engineering Mechanics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Professional Employment

Dec. 2013 –   Present

Associate   Professor

Zhejiang University, China

Feb. 2013 –   Dec. 2013

Assistant Professor

Zhejiang   University, China

Aug. 2011 –   Feb. 2013

Research Fellow

Nanyang Technological University,   Singapore

Jan. 2007 –   Dec. 2007

Project Officer

Nanyang   Technological University, Singapore


Selected Publication

1.         L.F. Fan, H.Y. Sun. Seismic wave propagation through an in-situ stressed rock mas, Journal of Applied Geophysics. 121:13-20, 2015.
2.         Y.J. Jiang, L.F. Fan*. An Experimental Investigation of Optimal Asphalt-aggregate Ratio for Different Compaction Methods, Construction and Building Materials. 91:111-115, 2015.
3.         Z.J. Wu, L.F. Fan*. The numerical manifold method for elastic wave propagation in rock with time-dependent absorbing boundary conditions, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. 46:41-50, 2014.
4.         L.F. Fan. The effects of double-scale discontinuities on the stress wave propagation through rock mass, 2014 National conference on Solid Mechanics, Chengdu, China.
5.         Y.J. Jiang,L.F. Fan*. An investigation of mechanical behavior of cement-stabilized crushed rock material using different compaction methods, Construction and Building Materials. 48:508-515, 2013.
6.         L.F. Fan, L.N.Y. Wong, G.W. Ma. Experimental investigation and modeling of viscoelastic behavior of concrete, Construction and Building Materials. 48:814-821, 2013.
7.         L.F. Fan, L.N.Y. Wong. Stress wave transmission across a filled joint with different loading/unloading behavior. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science. 60:227-234, 2013.
8.         L.F. Fan, X.W. Yi, G.W. Ma. Numerical manifold method (NMM) simulation of stress wave propagation through fractured rock, International Journal of Applied Mechanics. 5(2):1350022, 2013.
9.         Z.J. Wu, L.N.Y. Wong, L.F. Fan. Study of dynamic fracture problems in viscoelastic sedimentary rocks using the numerical manifold method,Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 46(6):1415-1457, 2013.
10.     L.F. Fan, G.W. Ma, L.N.Y. Wong. Effective viscoelastic behaviour of rock mass with double-scale discontinuities. Geophysical Journal International. 191(1):147-154, 2012.
11.     L.F. Fan, G.W. Ma, J.C. Li. Nonlinear Viscoelastic Medium Equivalence for Stress Wave Propagation in Jointed Rock Mass. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 50, 11-18, 2012.
12.     L.F. Fan, F. Ren, G.W. Ma. Experimental Study on Viscoelastic Behavior of Sedimentary Rock under Dynamic Loading. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 45(3), 433-438, 2012.
13.     G.W. Ma, L.F. Fan, J.C. Li. Evaluation of Equivalent Medium Methods for Stress Wave Propagation in Jointed Rock Mass. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 37(7):701-715, 2012.
14.     L.F. Fan, F. Ren, G.W. Ma. An Extended Displacement Discontinuity Method for Analysis of Stress Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic Rock Mass. Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 3(1),73-81, 2011.
15.     F. Ren, L.F. Fan, G.W. Ma. Simulation of Viscoelastic Behavior of Defected Rock by Using Numerical Manifold Method. Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China,5(2), 199-207, 2011.
16.     L.F. Fan, F. Ren, G.W. Ma. Effect of Micro-defect and Macro-joint on Wave Propagation through Rock Mass, ISRM the 12th International Congress on Rock Mechanics, October 19-22, 2011, Beijing, China.
Former Publications:
1.         Z.S. Shao, L.F. Fan, G.W. Ma. Theoretical Investigation on Thermo-mechanical Stresses in Laminated Cylindrical Panels. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 23(1), 111-136, 2010.
2.         L.F. Fan, J.C. Li, G.W. Ma. Analysis of Longitudinal Stress Wave Propagation through viscoelastic Rock Mass, ISRM International Symposium 2010 & 6th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, October 23-27, 2010, New Delhi, India.
3.         G.W. Ma, J.C. Li, L.F. Fan, Y.X. Zhou. Assessment of Ground Motions induced by Underground Explosion, the 3rd international conference on Design and Analysis of Protective Structures, May 10-12, 2010, Singapore.
4.         G.W. Ma, L.F. Fan, J.C. Li. A New Equivalent Medium Model for P-Wave Propagation through Rock Mass with Parallel Joint. The 9th International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation (ICADD-9), 25-27 Nov, 2009, Singapore.
5.         Z.N. Yin, L.F. Fan, T.J. Wang. Experimental Investigation of Viscoelastic Deformation of PC, ABS and PC/ABS Alloys. Materials Letters, 62(17-18), 2750-2753, 2008.
6.         Z.N. Yin, L.F. Fan, T.J. Wang. Viscoelastic Deformation of PC/ABS alloy. Key Engineering Materials, 353-358, 1229-1232, 2007.
7.         L.F. Fan, Z.N. Yin, T.J. Wang. Study of Viscoelasticity in PC/ABS Alloy with Dynamic Mechanical Temperature Experiments, the 2nd China-Europe Symposium on Processing and Properties of Reinforced Polymers, October 31-November 4, 2005, Beijing, China.
8.         Z.S. Shao, L.F. Fan, T.J. Wang. Analytical Solutions of Stresses in Functionally Graded Circular Hollow Cylinder with Finite Length. Key Engineering Materials, 261-263, 651-656, 2004.


The first prize in Scientific and Technological Award of Zhejiang Society for Geotechnical Mechanics & Engineering.