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Faculty - ZHANG Ling

  • ZHANG Ling

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Management of Civil Engineering

    A516 An-Zhong Building, Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

I am mainly engaged in teaching and researching about real estate and urban economics, construction management, and business management of construction and real estate companies. I have published more than 20 papers in the domestic and international academic journals, and authored/co-authored a scholarly monographs and three textbooks.

Primary Teaching Area

2.        House price difference and diffusion between submarkets based on the subdivision of housing market, Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province2010.6-2012.6
3.        Speculation Behavior in Chinese Housing market—based on the interaction of price and trading volume, Ministry of Education in China Project of Humanities and Social Science, 2012.1-2014.12
4.        Housing price dynamics and diffusion in coastal cities, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 2009.9-2011.9
5.        Study of housing policy for middle and low income families, Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development in Zhejiang Province, 2008.6-2009.6
6.        Study of budget management for construction projects invested by government in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Municipal Construction Committee, 2013.7-2014.5 
7.        Study of index system for constructing livable city in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Municipal Construction Committee, 2009.5-2009.10
8.        Study of measures for house security system in Ningbo, Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee, 2010.6-2010.10
9.        Study of policy for public rented house, Hangzhou Housing security and Management Bureau, 2013.8-2014.12 


Sep.2005-Jul.2008   Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
                                      Degree: Doctor  Major: Business Administration
Sep.1997-Mar.2000    Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
                                      Degree: Master  Major: Construction Management
Sep.1989-Jul.1993    Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
                                      Degree: Bachelor  Major: Civil Engineering

Professional Employment

Dec.2011-Present   Associate Professor at Zhejiang University, China
Sep.1993-Dec.2011  Lectureat Zhejiang University, China
May.2011-Aug.2011  Academic visitorat Poly U, HK

Selected Publication

1.        ZHANG, Ling. Study of housing price dynamics and ripple effect, Economic Science Publish, 2010.1
2.        RUAN, Lianfa, ZHANG, Ling, FU, Qun, Management of Construction Enterprises, Zhejiang University Press,2012
3.        WEN, Haizhen, ZHANG, Ling, YANG, Yinnan, Real Estate Development and Management, Zhejiang University Press,2012
4.        WEN, Haizhen, ZENG, Hui, ZHANG, Ling, Real Estate Economics, Zhejiang University Press,2014 
Particles in Journals
1.        Zhang, L., E.C.-m. Hui, and H.Z. Wen, Housing price–volume dynamics under the regulation policy: Difference between Chinese coastal and inland cities. Habitat International(SSCI), 2015. 47: p. 29-40.
2.        Zhang Ling, Eddie C.M.Hui, Structural change in housing submarkets in burgeoning real estate market: A case of Hangzhou, China, Habitat International(SSCI), 2013.39: 214- 223,
3.        Wen, H., Y. Zhang, and L. Zhang*, Do educational facilities affect housing price? An empirical study in Hangzhou, China. Habitat International(SSCI), 2014. 42: 155-163
4.        Zhang Ling, Wen Haizhen, Housing price-volume correlation mechanism in Chinese cities, Statistical Research, 2013,10: 40-45
5.        Zhang Ling, Wen Haizhen, The evolution of housing submarket price intra-city: A case study of Hangzhou, Journal of Zhejiang University (Science Edition),2013,11
6.        Zhang Ling, Jia Shenghua, Price and trade volume Dynamics in Shanghai Housing Market, China Civil Engineering Journal, 2009,vol42(1):140-144
7.        Zhang Ling, Tian Chuanhao, Difference among housing markets and ripple effect of house price: empirical study of 35 metrapolitans, Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science), 2010,1: 197-202
8.        Zhang Ling, Wen Haizhen, Jia Shenghua, Fluctuation Differences and Dynamic Factors of Housing Prices in Costal and Inland Cities of China, China Land Science, 2011, vol.25(3):77-84
9.        Wen Haizhen, Li Xuning, Zhang Ling, Impacts of the urban landscape on the housing price: A case studt of Hangzhou, Geographical Research, 2012,10:1806-1814
10.    Wen Haizhen, Zhang Zhili, Zhang Ling, An empirical analysis on spatial effects of the housing price based on spatial economic models: Evidence from Hangzhou City, System Engineering – Theory & Practice,2011, vol.31(9): 1661-1667
11.    Wang Yuan, Jia Shenghua, Zhang Ling, Review on Real Option Theory of Land Investment Decision, China Lang Science, 2010,vol.24(9) 76-80:
12.    Wen Haizhen, Lv Xuemeng, Zhang Ling,  The endogenous and interaction between house price and land price: empirical study based on simultaneous equations, Finance and Trade Economics, 2010,2: 124-129
13.    Wen Haizhen, Zhang Ling , Peng Lufeng, Spatial Variation of Housing Prices in Hangzhou City: Two Dimension Analysis Based on Hedonic Prices, China Land Science, 2010,2:14-19