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Faculty - SUN Weiwei

  • SUN Weiwei


    Institute of Architectural Design and Theory

    313 Crescent House Zijingang Campus


Research Interest

Architectural design and theoryCity and rural residential environmentArchitectural Education

Research projects:
12006-2009,  Feasibility study of The Taizhou higher education zone(project manager)
22008-2009, Strategy Research of the energy-saving renovation of the existing residential building in Zhejiang (Project participant)
32011-2013,  Study on the architecture suitability of low carbon economy (sub project manager)

4 2012-2015,  a study on the rural building Model in Zhejiang and jiangsu area from the  perspective of villiagerssubject status (Project participant)

Primary Teaching Area

1Architectural Design BasisGrade 1since 2001
2Design PreliminaryGrade 1since 2010
3Architectural Design Basis Grade 2since 2010
4Modern Architecture CognitionGrade 3since 2012


11993.09~1998.06: Bachelor degree study, Dept. of Architecture,   Zhejiang University
21998.09~2001.04: Master degree study, Dept. of Architecture, Zhejiang University
32005.04~2014.06 :  Ph.D degree study, Dept. of Architecture, Zhejiang University
42014.07-2015.07: Visiting scholarSchool of Architecture,Chinese University Hong Kong
International academic exchanges:
2000.03-04école darchitecture NormandieFrance
2002.06-07Queensland University of TechnologyAustralia

Professional Employment

12001.04~2003: Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture, Zhejiang University
22003~ present: Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture, Zhejiang University
32011~ present: National Class 1 Registered Architect of China

Selected Publication

1.         Rural Construction -- as a kind of idea and method ,Architecture Journal,2011(04),He Yong, Sun Weiwei, Ma Lingyan
2.         Survey and analysis of resettlement apartments for landless peasants: take jiangcun garden of hangzhou city as example,Architecture Journal,2010(S02), Sun Weiwei, He Yong
3.         The Preliminary Exploration about the Protection and Utilization of Modern Historic Building in the Younger Medium and Small City,Huazhong  Architecture,2010(09),Sun Weiwei, Zhang Tao
4.         Towards rational and mature higher educational zone, Architecture and Culture 2010(07),Sun Weiwei, Gao Jun, Pu Xincheng
5.        Preliminary study on the special boarding school for handicapped studentsHuazhong  Architecture 200605),Zhang Tao, Sun Weiwei