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Faculty - QIU Zhi

  • Zhi

    Union Leader, Associate Professor

    Institute of Architectural Design and Theory

    313 Crescent House Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

Residential environment of the elderly, rural residential environment, Architecture Planning, Architecture Design and Practice 


2008~2011    PhD. in Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering,
                       the University of Tokyo, Japan
   Research  Comparison on housing policy, Housing design, industrialization, & structure between Japan & China
2005~2008    Master degree of Architectural Design and Theory
                       Urban Design Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
   Research  City Planning and Design   
2000~2005    Bachelor degree of Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Selected Publication

1.         Qiu Zhi, Comparative Study on Public Housing Provision Model for Low Income Population in Metropolitan Areas between Japan and China. Zhejiang: Zhejiang University Press, 2014
2.         Qiu Zhi, etc., From West Lake to Xixi Wetland—Eight-University United Architectural Graduation Projects in 2012. Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2012


1.         Qiu Zhi (Supervisor), City Acupuncture, UA Creation Awards· International Conceptual Design Competition, Honorable mention, 2015
2.         Qiu Zhi, etc., “Independent Design under Specific Framework”—Community Sports Center, National Higher School Architectural Design Teaching Plan and Teaching Achievement Evaluation in 2014, 2014
3.         Wang J., Cheng Z.D., Zhou Y.H., Wang X.Y., Qiu Z., etc., Architectural Design Facing Regional Culture under Global Background—Research and Explore of “New Han-Style” Architecture in Huainan, Excellent City Planning and Design Awards in Anhui Province, 3rd Prize, 2013
4.         Liu S.J., Feng S.M., Qiu Z., etc., Slow-Moving Traffic Sub-Plan of Central Urban Area in Bijie (2013-2030), Excellent City Planning and Design Awards in Heilongjiang Province, 2nd Prize, 2013

Professional Memberships

·         Member of Architectural Institute of Japan
·         Member of Architectural Society of China
·         Member of Green-Building and Energy-Saving Youth Institute of China