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Faculty - HE Yong

  • HE Yong


    Institute of Architectural Design and Theory

    324 Crescent House Zijingang Campus


Research Interest

The theory and practice of regional Architecture design; rural village planning and design


1990~1998, Bachelor and master degree study in the Dept. of Architecture at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology.
2001~2004 PhD candidate in the Zhejiang University with the dissertation on green settlement in the Yangtze River delta region 

Professional Employment

1998~2000 Lecturer of the Dept. of Arch. of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology.

2000~2001 Working in Yichang Municipal Urban Planning Administration Bureau  in charge of urban planning and international co-operation projects.

2004~ 2012 As a lecture and associate professor(Since Dec,2006) in the Dept. of Arch. of Zhejiang University.

2013~ present,As a professor in the Dept. of Arch. of Zhejiang University.

2007.03-2008.04, Germany:  as a guest scholar in the Technique University of Munich, following Professor Peter Latz Researching on the regeneration of old industrial region of Europe.

Selected Publication

During past 10 yearsI have done a lot of teaching/research/practice focusing on village planning/regional building design and constructionThe research explores the methodology and perspective behind the village construction. Through this way, the village’s construction is expected to return to its authenticity and thus brings a balanced and healthy development among the economy society and environment. In the past 10 years,  published 6 papers in <ARCHITECTURAL JOURNAL>; Published 2 papers  in < URBAN PLANNING > published about 20 papers in other core journals such as <NEW ARCHITECTURE>published 3 books chairing two research projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China