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Faculty - WEI Fang

  • WEI Fang


    Institute of Urban Planning and Design

    B622 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

Urbanization and Suburbanization; Urban Economics; Urban and Regional Development; Urban Planning and Design; Land-Use and Environment Planning
Funding, Research and projects (selected)

1.        Planning Standards of Public Space, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

2.        Community Public Space Under the Framework of Community Segregation, National Science Foundation of China

3.        Site Investigation of Moganshan Rd. in Hangzhou City, The government of Gongshu District in Hangzhou

4.        Urban Design of the TOD Community in Gaochun District in Nanjing, The government of Gaochun District in Nanjing

5.        Community Public Open Space of Gongshu District in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Planning Bureau, China

6.        Global Suburbanization: governance, land, and infrastructure in the 21st century, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC),  Major Collaborative Research Initiative at York University, USA

7.        Neighborhood Change in Metropolitan America, The Golden Key International Honor Society, USA

8.        Historic Buildings of Pudong, Bureau of Development & Planning, Shanghai,China

9.        Sustainable Development, National Natural Science Foundation of China

10.    Preservation Planning of Historical Districts & Buildings, Pudong, Shanghai, China

11.    A Study of Modern Communities, Bureau of Development and Planning, Shanghai

12.    Spatial Strategic Planning, Zhangqiu Municipal Government, China

13.    Spatial Strategic Planning, Bureau of Development and Planning, Zhongshan Municipal Government, China

14.    Spatial Strategic Planning of Shenyang, Shenyang Municipal Government, China

15.    A Study of the Modern Management in Pudong, Shanhai, China

16.    Human Settlement & Environment in Yiliang, National Natural Science Foundation

Primary Teaching Area

Spring 2015   Case Studies of Urban Design, Zhejiang University
Fall 2014   Urban Economics, Zhejiang University, (Teaching Evaluation: Excellent)
Spring 2014   Case Studies of Urban Design, Zhejiang University, (Teaching Evaluation: Excellent)
Fall 2013    Urban Economics, Zhejiang University (Teaching Evaluation: Excellent)


Ph.D.  Planning, Globalization & Governance, Virginia Tech, USA
M. A.  Urban Planning and Design, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
B. A.   Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Selected Publication

1.        Fang Wei, Spatial inequity of urban open spaces - reality and challenges of China's urbanization, the 2015 International Conference on Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization, Ottawa, Canada, 2015.10
2.        Fang Wei, Paul Knox, Spatial Transformation of Metropolitan Cities, Environment and Planning A, 2014 Vol.46, SSCI, Impact factor 1.89
3.        Fang Wei, Paul Knox, Neighborhood Change in Metropolitan America, Urban Affairs Review, 2014, Vol. 50(4), SSCI, Impact factor 1.293
4.        Fang Wei, Paul Knox, The Changing Social Ecology in the Piedmont Region, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Annual Conference 2012, Cincinnati, USA, 2012.11
5.        Fang Wei, Paul Knox, Mechanisms and Dynamics of Neighborhood Change in US Metropolitan Areas, the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting 2011, New York, USA, 2012.02
6.        Fang Wei, Paul Knox, Understanding the Mechanisms and Dynamics of Neighborhood Change in US Metropolitan Areas, the 58th Annual North American Meeting of the RSAI and the 2nd Conference of RSAmericas, Southern Regional Science Association, Miami, FL, USA, 2011.11
7.        Bureau of Pudong Development and Planning, subeditor, Historic buildings in Pudong New Area, Tongji University Press: Shanghai, China, 2005
8.        Taofang Yu, Zhiqiang Wu, Fang Wei, Strategic Inflection Points and Development Strategies of Middle and Small Sized Cities: a Case Study of Zhangqiu, City Planner Review, 2005,Vol. 29 22-29
9.        Fang Wei, The Influence of Regional Development Policy in China, Planner, 2005, Vol. 5 122
10.    Zhiqiang Wu, Fang Wei, Assessment System of Human Settlement and Environment in China, Science Press: Beijing, China, 2004
11.    Zhiqiang Wu, Fang Wei, Assessment index system of sustainable development, in Sustainable Development of Human Settlement and Environment in China, Ed Binzhao Chen, Science Press: Beijing, China, 2003
12.    Fang Wei, Research of Urbanization and Modernization, in Excellent Academic Achievement of China, Research Center of Science and Technology Association in China, 2002
13.    Fang Wei, Urbanization and Modernization, Urban Problems, 2001, Vo. 3 16-20


1.        The 2013 Richard E. Zody Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Planning, Governance, and Globalization
2.        UAP Award Outstanding Dissertations in PGG, Virginia Tech
3.        Golden Key International Honor, Golden Key International Honor Society
4.        Science and Technology Achievements Award, Ministry of Education of China        
5.        Excellent Urban Planning Award, Ministry of Construction of China              
6.        Outstanding Urban Planning Projects Award, Urban Planning Association, China    
7.        National Excellent Academic Achievements Award, Science and Technology Association of China
8.        Shanghai Outstanding Graduates Award, Ministry of Education of China