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Faculty - Wuyi Wan

  • Wuyi Wan

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Hydraulic Structure and Water Environment

    B502 An-Zhong Building Zijingang Campus

Research Interest

 Numerical simulation of unsteady flow in channel and pressured conduit(supported by china postdoctoral foundation, 2004-2006)

 Hydraulic control and operate modeling for water transfer project (supported by national natural science foundation of china, no. 50709029)

 Sediment model test for estuary

 Hydraulic model test of the large flood discharge and energy dissipation in high arch dam

 Thetransport and dispersion of emergency contamination in surface supply channel(present plan, applying for national natural science foundation of china)


Ph.D., Hydraulics and River dynamics, 2004-Tianjin University (China)

M.S., Hydraulics and River dynamics, 2001-Tianjin University (China)

B.S., Water resource and hydraulic engineering, 1999-Xi’an University of Technology (China)

Associate Professor, hydraulics and river dynamics, Zhejiang University, 2007-present

Assistant Professor(Post-doctor), hydraulics and river dynamics, Tsinghua University, 2004-2006

visiting scholar Florida State University, 2008-2009 & 2011-2012

Selected Publication

Wuyi Wan*; Wenrui Huang; Cong Li, Sensitivity Analysis for the Resistance on the Performance of a Pressure Vessel for Water Hammer Protection; Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology-ASME, 136(1), Article Number: 011303(1-9), 2014. SCIEI

Wuyi Wan* and Wenrui Huang; Investigation of Fluid Transients in Centrifugal Pump Integrated System With Multi-Channel Pressure Vessel, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology-ASME, 135(6), Article Number: 061301(1-9), 2013. SCIEI

Wuyi Wan* and Wenrui Huang; Investigation on complete characteristics and hydraulic transient of centrifugal pumpJournal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 25(10): 2583-2590, 2011. SCIEI

Wu-yi, Wan*; Song, Zhu; Yun-Jin, Hu, Attenuation analysis of hydraulic transients with laminar-turbulent flow alternations; Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 31(1): 1209-1216, 2010.SCIEI

WAN Wuyi*, MAO Xinwei, CUI Xiuhong; Application of rectangular integral to numerical simulation of hydraulic transients in complex pipeline systems, Transaction of Tianjin University,16(1):56-60, 2010. EI