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Testing Device for the Dynamic Bahaviors of High-speed Trains

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2018-05-18 Hits: 155

    High-speed rail is cited by news media as one of China's "four great inventions" in modern times. While China witnesses a quick expansion of the high-speed rail network, much attention has been drawn to the issue of safety. Among others, the vibration caused by a running train may lead to shock waves and generate the Mach effect, thereby affecting its safety and comfort. Thus, model testing in the lab, as an alternative to field measurement, is of immense engineering significance.  

    A research team led by Professor CHEN Yunmin and BIAN Xuecheng from CCEA have pioneered the invention of a testing device for the dynamic behaviors of high-speed trains. Important data from their simulation device can help safeguard high-speed trains both in China and overseas. The device was ranked among the Top 10 Scientific Advances of China's Universities in 2017.