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Postdoc Research Fellows in Timber Architecture at the Department of Architecture, Zhejiang University

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2021-02-23 Hits: 178

The Research Group for Timber Architecture, directed by Dr Harrison Huang (https://person.zju.edu.cn/en/h), is situated within the Department of Architecture, Zhejiang University (ZJU). We are seeking motivated persons to join us, to work on research subjects around timber architecture, exploring the potentialities of wood-based construction materials and their design process in the contemporary and local context.


Research directions

·         life cycle of timber building (design / prefabrication / assembly / (re)use / recycle)

·         BIM-integrated and collaborative design processes of timber buildings

·         computational design and intelligent construction for large span and free-form space of timber structures

·         natural based materials in response to policy of climate change


Job requirements

·         applicants must hold or expect to receive a PhD degree in architecture, civil engineering or a related discipline in the above-mentioned research fields (computer / material / engineering / information science).

·         applicants must meet the conditions for postdoctoral recruitment of Zhejiang University, please refer http://hr.zju.edu.cn/postdoctor/2021/0120/c29114a2246138/page.htm

·         interest in researches on timber architecture, especially in the scope of digital manufacturing, intelligent technology and climate change


Salary and Development

·         2-4 years fixed contract with annual salary up to RMB350, 000 (around 53,000 USD), plus bonus for research output

·         rental apartment offered by ZJU available

·         financial support for academic conferences and visits (both domestic and international)

·         opportunity to apply for ZJU faculty positions

For further information regarding the position, please contact Dr Harrison Huang at harrison@zju.edu.cn

Applicantsshould email at harrison@zju.edu.cn with the following:

·         a current CV

·         a cover letter describing your background and research interests

·         2-3 representative publications or research projects

·         at least two professional references, including name, address, email, and phone numbers

·         optional: recommendation letters