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The 2022 (6th) International Summer School of Modern Bamboo Structure

Editor: 李嘉宁 Date: 2022-09-20 Hits: 127

The 6th Modern Bamboo Structure International Summer School was successfully held in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, during July 25-26, 2022. The College of Civil Engineering and Architecture hosted it, Zhejiang University Illinois University Urbana-Champaign Joint Institute (ZJUI), Zhejiang University (Ninghai) Joint Research Center for Biomass Materials and Carbon Neutral Construction organized it.


The summer school was supported by the 8th Zhejiang University Graduate Summer School of Zhejiang University Graduate School


More than 50 teachers and students participated in this summer school on-site, and more than 60 people from many institutions worldwide participated in related activities online. Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, has rich bamboo forest resources and a relatively mature industrial foundation for bamboo and wood processing. This activity can help students enhance their interest and understanding of engineering bamboo and modern bamboo structure buildings through learning and practical experience.


This summer school course is held hybrid and is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge teaching and engineering practice learning. The theoretical knowledge teaching content revolves around the first English monograph, Engineered Bamboo Structures, written by Professor Xiao Yan, which comprehensively summarizes the relevant knowledge of engineering bamboo structures. The course systematically introduces modern bamboo structure and carbon neutral construction, bamboo structure manufacturing process, material performance and design index of engineering bamboo structure, joint performance and design of engineering bamboo structure, mechanical properties and design of engineering bamboo structure beam and composite beam, engineering Mechanical properties and design of bamboo structure columns, engineering bamboo structure truss design, performance analysis and design of light bamboo structure shear walls, engineering bamboo structure finite element analysis, light bamboo structure building design, and bamboo structure analysis and construction and other knowledge points.


In the practice session, the students walked into the bamboo forest, communicated face-to-face with the bamboo farmers, experienced the bamboo forest's ecology on the spot, and chose to cut down the test samples. The students also visited the Zhejiang University (Ninghai) Joint Research Center for Biomass Materials and Carbon Neutral Construction to learn about the bamboo and wood processing industry and new technologies for low-carbon environmental protection and to participate in bamboo and wood structures. They also visited and studied the large-scale multi-dimensional loading experiment of bamboo-wood composite structure full-scale shear wall.


This summer school aims to enhance students' knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of engineering bamboo and modern bamboo structures and to enhance the ability of teachers and students in various majors to use engineering bamboo to create. At the same time, it also expands the influence of modern bamboo structures and improves the enthusiasm of teachers and students at home and abroad for teaching and scientific research on bamboo structures and bamboo architecture.


Relevant activities have been reported by well-known media such as China Central Broadcasting Network and Phoenix Network, and the teaching effect has been positively evaluated by the participating students. In the later stage, our school will build it into a normalized postgraduate summer teaching activity with an international reputation and influence in the field through the postgraduate summer school platform of Zhejiang University.


Relevant teaching materials for summer school can be obtained by contacting Dr. Li Zhi, Institute of Disaster Prevention Engineering, School of Architecture and Engineering (li_zhi@zju.edu.cn)


The course study and visit to multi-dimensional loading experiment of large-scale structural components

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